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Cristale de flori Clasp brățară

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Prețul pieței: 71,00 €

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Celebrate birthdays & anniversaries with colorful birthstone charms and zodiac signs, Valentine's Day with Cupid's heart charm, and Mother's Day with vintage love beads, Christmas with jingle-bell charms, etc. Soufeel Jewelry is perfect for any special day. Every 925 sterling silver charm bead can be chosen and bought by oneself to do the tie-in, arbitrary combination, choosing his/her beloved color to match elegant dressing style, 26 letters to create their own name or English abbreviations, and silver charms to compose splendid classic charm bracelet. With your combination, a bit more freedom to try, through your imagination, all sorts of different types of beads together, design your unique personalized bracelet from Soufeel Jewelry. Whether it is romantic sentiment, family motifs, hobby or an array of other themes, you can always find the perfect gift ideas to personalize your - or someone else’s - jewelry “For Every Memorable Day”.

Beautiful, Intricate Designs

Created by renowned world-class designers

Meet Soufeel's Designers

Genuine Murano Glass

Our Glass Beads are handmade by expert artisans steep in tradition from Murano, Italy.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by seasoned craftsmen.

Exceptional Materials

We only use the finest 925 sterling silver, 14k & rose gold, Swarovski crystals and natural diamonds.

Calitate Verificate de Către Instituția Internațională SGS
SGS: o companie multinațională de standardizare cu sediul în Elveția,
cea mai mare și mai veche companie de control al calității produselor și recunoaștere tehnologică.
  • Marci
  • Soufeel
  • Culoare
  • Argint
  • Material
  • Argint masiv 925
  • Weight
  • 14.01g
  • Diametrul interior
  • 4.5mm
  • înălțime
  • 10.3mm
  • lățime
  • 11.6mm
  • grosime
  • 11.7mm
  • Poti alege metoda de livrare la iesire::
  • Livrarea Accelerata: 6,25 €

    Va rugam sa asteptati 6-12 zile lucratoare pentru livrarea accelerata.

    Daca Comanda Dumneavoastra contine Obiecte Personalizate, asteptati pana la 10-15 zile lucratoare pentru livrarea Accelerata.

  • Va rugam sa tineti cont ca timpul de livrare de mai sus, include si timpii de productie.
  • Livrarea DHL-Express: 24,95 €

    Va rugam sa asteptati 3-5 zile lucratoare pentru livrarea prin DHL-Express. 

    Daca Comanda Dumneavoastra contine Obiecte Personalizate, asteptati pana la 6-8 zile lucratoare pentru livrarea prin DHL-Express. 

    Plata 100% Sigura
    Metale Pretioase Autentice
    3Returnare in 365 de zile

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